Mega Man Zehn 1

Posted: February 25, 2011 by ILikeMarbles in Mega Man 10, XBL Arcade, Xbox 360

Alright, so I found my camera cord so we shall start!

Mega Man is a franchise that has been around for over twenty years and it stars this guy,

Mega Man!

He is known to save the world multiple times from all sorts of evil masterminds, such as Dr. Wily and Dr. Wily!

BUT In this episode, he is HELPING Dr. Wily. Why? you ask.  Because they are fighting against a virus called “Roboenza”! which only infects robots.  This virus is being spread around the mega man world by eight robot masters.  I have destroyed these eight masters into little pieces of particle dust and now I will begin to tell my whimsical journey of adventure and amazement from here on out.

Wouldn’t you know it? It was Dr. Wily. Dr Wily was evil.  Anyway…I currently am established in the game at the start of his castle, one castle that which consists of four stages. Well….I only know about four, megaman is known to add a few extra levels….even castles…at times.

Stage One is a level that mostly consists of boss battles, three of them actually.  Within these three battles you fight three bosses from the previous games!  That totals nine games represented, from mega man one to nine!!! That includes all previous megamans! even the one that was in 3d!!! They share one life bar, so its easier then it sounds…they are also represented by a diamond shaped sprite.  This level was extremely tough for a long while, but now it is simple as cake because practice makes perfect.

Stage two.  Stage Two…Stage Two is what is it….hmm Oh yeah it is a level where you what do you do…it was easy, very easy…it was first try easy…OH YEAH YOU FIGHT A CRAB which was awesome, but easy…I wish I had a picture of said crab but my camera was freaking out as it normally does with the power draining and the changing the batteries messages and whatnot.

Stage Three is neat because it has sequences where you need to control a moving elevator upwards by jumping on left/right buttons.  The platforming on this stage was quite difficult at some points, such as when there were three cannons and spikes and jumping areas and small platforms and short ceilings…This would be easier with pictures, dumb camera. Oh yeah, the boss!  The thing’s a throw back to Mega Man 1’s Yellow Devil! The new guy is called the “Block Devil”.  It has slightly harder pattern then his brethren but with the stack of E’s/Extra Lives I bought and acquired  throughout the game, this was no match.

Stage 4!

First there is a long ladder sequence, with two paths…one on the right and one on the left.  After dying on the right one a few times, I went with the left ladder.  When I made it to the top (with ease on this route), I switched to the right ladder and snatched a quick E-tank.  I then went back to the tip-tip-tippity top and entered a portal that was waiting for me there.  This led me to one of those classic  megaman rooms where you are required to fight all eight robot masters from earlier again.  I died here.  I was not amused.

More to come! As I must beat this game…because I need those 5 microsoft gamer points soooo badddly

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  2. ILikeMarbles says:

    You are my Hero.


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