OH SNAP, Suprise CastlevaNIA!!!

Posted: March 5, 2011 by ILikeMarbles in Castlevania:Sotn, Xbox 360

So yeah, after getting home from north bowl I finally got around to my castlevania game that I have been putting off due to addiction to Black Ops.


Awww Yeahhhh (this game is gunna be great because it is great…im great)

Someone finish that quote!

Beat him without being hit, I know I know…. I’m Amazing.(5 gamerpoints too!)

He took all my weapons 😦 but i got to lvl 6 or 7 , im good.

Lol what? Slogra and Gaibon. They aint supposed to be there. (But they were, I’m awesome!!!@!!@!!@@!@@!@)

more to come, biking time.

  1. Luckylucke says:

    Ha! you still had time to play after north bowl? :OO

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