Populous DS!

Posted: April 11, 2011 by ILikeMarbles in DS, Populous DS

Is kind of boring.

So a few weeks ago I realized that it was time to acquire a new DS game.  I grew tired of my collection months if not years ago, beating every game multiple times (or playing them without beating them for way too many hours).  I headed out of the house looking to buy a game with the only note in my head of ‘do not spend too much’.  I wound up traveling to a little store that popped up everywhere about 2 years ago, 5 below.  They had quite the selection (i and friends (some on this website) have found some nice deals there before such as turning point ans such).  I narrowed my focus on two games, Populous DS and Chocolateer.  I chose Populous.

After coming home and opening it I decided to read the manual.  It was actually a quite informative, detailed, colored, awesome manual. It made the game sound really neat and complicated…I couldnt wait to play.  When I started the game up in my bed (the only place I ever play my DS) I was greeted with a manditory tutorial. I read everything and it took me two nights to get through it (i tend to get real tired quick sometimes when playing games).  And once again, It made the game seem overly complex but still awesome.

Then I started the first mission, boy oh boy. Well to save time, this is what i figured the game to be (sure its early and still easy….but it turned me off of the game!). All you had to do was manipulate land…wait…attack with a special…wait…attack with a special….wait…attack with a special…wait….and then the final sequence happens where there is an all out war where you win.

I shoulda made chocolate…oh well

I did not proofread this so this may have been fun to read I dont know. Also, this post is super-awesome.


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