Review – Dead Space 2 (Single Player)

Posted: October 15, 2011 by gvstreamer in PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
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This Review is for the PS3 release.

I did not try multiplayer. This review is for single player only.

All action all the time.




Continuing from the plot of the original Dead Space, the government has taken Isaac, the main character, and gained knowledge from him and built a replica of the marker, a device that turns people into monsters. It is up to Isaac to destroy it.


This is a third-person shooter. The player has the ability to buy weapons and upgraded armor through the shop. He can also freeze time, and pick up objects without touching them and using them as projectiles on the incoming enemies. The left shoulder buttons are used to run and ready the weapon. The right shoulder buttons are used for melee and firing the guns. Ammo for the weapons is either bought in the various stores in the game or dropped from the enemies. To get ammo drops from the enemies, requires stomping on their dead bodies.

Every so often there will be locked doors which require hacking the terminals. This is done by moving the left joystick around inside a circle till the circle turns blue and then hit the ‘x’ button to continue. This is done three consecutive times to open doors.

There are also zero gravity sections tossed throughout the game. These sections, which are pretty cool, allow Isaac to fly through space to get to his destination. The left trigger fires boosters on the boots to move faster.


Game takes place in a futuristic city in space. Graphics are very sharp. Some dark areas and mist. There are also gigantic areas making you feel small in this giant mutant wasteland.


Scary voices and creaks heard everywhere adds to the atmosphere.


  • Atmospheric
  • Constant Intense Action all the way through the game. No slow sections.
  • Sound
  • Bonus extra game – limited edition versions of Dead Space 2 PS3 version come with the light gun game ‘Dead Space Extraction” which is a port of the Wii game and players can choose to play with either a regular controller or a Move controller.
  • None

Interesting Facts

Isaac curses a lot. Also make sure you die on purpose when you play to see all the gruesome death animations.
Some glass is breakable and shooting in space causes a vacuum and throws Isaac into space.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this game. It is definitely a nominee for game of the year. If you love action games, and horror games, (Not really scary for me. For reference, scariest game this generation, since the release of this game, for me was the Condemned Series for XBOX 360.), then by all means get Dead Space 2. The game will last a little bit. Took me about 10 hours to finish. Pure Action game that will keep the blood pumping without any slow sections. I think it is a must to play the original Dead Space before heading into Dead Space 2, they are both great games.

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