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Posted: October 24, 2011 by ILikeMarbles in Avatar Golf, XBL Indie, Xbox 360
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This Review is for the 360 release.

All action all the time.




You. A Lazy sucker on a couch only wishing you were a multimillionaire golfer/course constructionist. You mind is slain by the fact that you will never be good at anything, let alone golf.  This game makes it up to you to slay the perversions of your mind, not just for sanity, but for the well being of others too.


This is a third person golfing sim simulator. The player has the ability to either play golf or build courses though menus and controls. You can swing with the A button. The left trigger is used to change clubs, the left bumper is used to zoom in. The right trigger is used to change clubs, the right bumper is used to zoom out. The X, Y, and B buttons are used for several different actions depending on what mode you are in. To switch club sets, push X. The player can’t run. The player can’t swing while running. The player also cannot run while being swung at. The player cannot be swung at. You can access other courses though a menu or by playing online where people create their own courses. Many various types of courses exist, even putt-putt courses. To get these user made courses, download them.

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Every so often there will be a building in the way. Try to bank your shot off of the building by pressing A or hit the ball around them.

There are also cars that may be in the way. Try to use the same strategy as stated with buildings. You can get in-game achievements for banking shots off of these objects, including the boats.


Game takes place on golf courses. Graphics are very sharp. Some areas are washed out yellow but you can make them more colorful though menu options. There are also gigantic mountains or buildings at times which make you feel small in a giant crazy constructed golf course.


Golf swings, ambient music, and pleasant xbox live chatter that is heard everywhere adds to the atmosphere.



  • Atmospheric
  • Constant Intense Action all the way through the game. No slow sections.
  • Sound


  • None

Interesting Facts

Xbox live players curse a lot. Also make sure to create near impossible holes to hear all the things they say.

There is a way to make a bed of flowers in the course editor. Darn my knowledge of knowing how to do it.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this game. It was definitely a nominee for game of the year. If you love action games and you love sports games then by all means spend the five bucks for Avatar Golf. This game will last you a little while (me a long while as I really enjoy the course architect, the ideas that you can make are endless). It took me about ∞ hours to complete, because it is uncompleteable.  As I said, the game only has an end if your mind is stupid. Pure action, pure creativity, pure golf, pure fun without the slow stuff (Online is crazy with up to 8 people hitting balls all around at once). I think it is a must to play, it is a great game.

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