Let’s Play! Demolition, Inc!

Posted: November 27, 2011 by luckyluckey in Demolition Inc., Let's Play, PC, Steam

Hey guys what’s up! here is my brief Let’s Play! version of Demolition, Inc. In short the game is about tearing stuff up all over the city with oils spills, tire glue, cows, earthquake balls and much much more, The protagonist is  green alien….wow very fresh and original. Green alien’s excuse for wrecking our society is a contract sent to him by email! telling him that he has won the bidding to tear up cities on earth to make way new construction. Anyway here is my Let’s Play but don’t let the look of the easy starter levels fool you, this game will call upon some thinking as you progress. and her is part 2!

  1. ILikeMarbles says:

    This also, is the thought that was being thunk upon in the memory circuit otherwise known as a brain. The very brain that I speak of happened to be in my head, which is attached to my body, that is the organism which recognized the song playing in the video with it’s ear that noticed that the song could inherently be song 2.

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