my top 5 games of 2011

Posted: January 22, 2012 by ILikeMarbles in Lists
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my top 5 games of 2011This is my little late personal list.These games may not necessarily have been from 2011, but these rather are the ones that I in fact did have the utmost fun with as an experience within my realm.
5. Mirrors Edge

aww yeah mirrors edge. It’s fun and the single player is actually holding interest. if it weren’t for my climbing to the top of a tower and falling I may have already beaten it (along with being distracted with another game on this list) See, I got to the top of the tower, then like I fell down(maybe on purpose…)….without dying. So then when I did die it started me at the bottom. Which made me turn the game off because that part was annoying. 2 months later, I am back at it.

Edit – I Won.
4. Avatar Golf

Building is fun.

The map editor in this is better then in 90% of games (off the top of my head, only trackmania and maybe that old marathon editor top it)….and it is an indy game for 5 bucks. I spent many hours building maps. Multiplayer is also fun, its like speeed golf online, so many unique courses it will blow your mind. The downfall is the trading of maps is extremely annoying.

Oh, The maps I made, there includes the classic hotdog, the deep valley, the impossible target shooting, the island, the big bench, it goes on and on…This also would have continued if not for the next game on the list.

3. Paranormal Pinball


something like 20 hours on this single, very free map.

bllarghy, so addictive and great and competitive and awesome and fun and unique, I wouldn’t date it though.

2. NHL 11

Playing a 6 v 6 full user hockey game is gaming at it’s finest. Our team was good, headed by the founder of the terrible website that competes against this awesome one,  we could hold our own. Most of the time we only competed 5 v 5 or less, but the whole team aspect is just awesome. I miss playing real sports OH. SO. MUCH. but this is the next best thing. We won an *coughamaturecough* championship one month, we felt like we accomplished something great. So fun. Must have played 200 games with the team.  Oh and the rest of the game is also fun….single player and all even, with the card collecting and stuff, sure why not. But this is not the number one game, because the vast majority of the fun had with this game was before 2011, after one guy went off to boot camp people like stopped showing up online…and then…

1. Black Ops

took over my life.

Every night from mid march till late august I would play this game for at least 2 if not up to 4 hours. I have almost  8 days (Nearly 200 hours) logged into the multiplayer of this game. I would also take a good stab and say that I also put another 50-80 hours or so into the zombie maps and maybe an hour and a half for the single player….maybe at the very most.

I played this game alot, and was terrible…no super terrible at it for the first 20 hours.  My k/d ratio was like .40 through that time frame. When I stopped playing, It wound up being something like .96, with monthly averages of 1.08. Sure that’s not great, but its respectable. Me and nick, man that was some good time wasted.

Yay, top 5 games


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