Batman does it again in Arkham City

Posted: April 2, 2012 by gvstreamer in Atari Lynx, Batman Arkham City, Blackberry Mobile Phones, Chocolate Cheesesteak, Playstation 3

Fun times had at Ridgemo…erm Arkham City. Everyone should come and take a visit.

Batman just loves opening and shutting Harley Quinn’s mouth with tape. What a guy. He knows how to treat a lady right. Joking, I would never tie up a lady because then I wouldn’t get any sandwich from the kitchen.


There’s some adult fun to be had (Map Included).


But really, this game is great. Unlike the original Arkham Asylum game, this game is more open-ended in that there is a somewhat large sprawling city. Most action happens in set buildings.
You fight main Batman villains and try to find out what is “protocol 10” as mentioned by Dr. strange in the first couple minutes of the game and save Gotham once again.
The gameplay is very much like a metroidvania game set in polygonal 3D. Defeat one area to get a weapon that will be used to unlock an area from another pat of the city.
I suggest playing this game, but play the original, Arkham City, first since it is cheaper and just as great.
I give this 3 mutated thumbs out of 2 normal human thumbs.


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