I hate computers.

Posted: June 7, 2012 by ILikeMarbles in rant
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This is a sort rant on one aspect of the reasons that in which I dislike computers. Film.

I like video editing, I may not be great at it, but I like it a lot. But computers discourage me from doing such things to the point that at times I stop trying. It is a shame really because when everything is running smoothly, I really really really enjoy the time spent making videos.

Its just that, smoothly is a rare occurrence.

Here is a list of issues that I have encountered while making videos. I’ve encountered problems with almost every step. One popped up today which is why I am ranting.

1. Recording the video. I have had cameras shut off, run out of batteries (SO MANY TIMES) and have corrupted video files while on the camera.

2. Ridiculous size of videos. 24 minute video is over 2.5 GB of memory. No this is not 720 or 1080.

3. Uploading to the computer. Errors. So many errors. Disconnects. So many disconnects. Faulty files. So many faulty files.

4. Windows Movie Maker only likes 1 type of movie file. Not the file type of my video camera. Not the file type of my reliable camera. Not the file type of my WINDOWS PHONE camera. Only the file type of my unreliable camera.

5. Awful video converters. I need these to get the correct file type. They make the video quality worse. They cut off the ends of the videos. Sometimes they don’t convert the sound. They are generally annoying.

6. Windows Movie Maker Part deux. Inability to create what I want. Too many cuts = 1 big messed up cut. Random errors. Oh the file looks fine? CAN’T PLAY AS IS PLEASE CHANGE *change* CHANGE AGAIN … no I won’t start over…that took hours and it will never be cut exactly the same.


8. UPLOADING TO YOUTUBE….has actually improved over the last year….but they are still evil and probably siphon info or something so that’s awful too. Can’t pick your still frame easily.

There are probably more complaints…I know I thought of more earlier in the day when I started this. But work happened and I am watching TV right now….so yeah I am only half thinking at the moment.

I really wanted to upload a Lets Play today, but I cant get it off of my memory card. That makes two now…One a few months ago and now today.

I should probably buy a new camera and buy a better video editor. Also, you can change the size of the editing part of posting. Awesome. I’ve only used it for over a year.

  1. luckyluckey says:

    what he said

  2. ILikeMarbles says:

    So yeah, I set up and sit down to make some videos now that I have an awesome card reader…
    1st video was only 3 minutes as planned, but there was an interruption from outside forces 2 minutes in

    then work occurred

    I try again at night only to find that my brand new SD card seems to have died.
    +1 to the list…yeah…screw electronics

    Making videos is incredibly hard.

  3. ILikeMarbles says:

    zune-video-converter DOESN’T WORK

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