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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

I started playing Alice: Madness Returns a few weeks ago.  This is the second game in a series that started oh say 12 years ago.  Never playing the first (Although I wanted to play the first for 12 years), I did not know what I was getting myself into.

Well, to start, some history, It is created out of the mind of American Mcgee. Who is he you ask? He was a level designer for Doom. Because of this he decided to make full on games.  Fun Facts: He wants to be the new evil Walt Disney; His mother was a Hippie, hence his name; He lives in China; This is a Chinese made game; This is a game based on a European Novel, Made in China, by Chinese, crafted by someone named American. You know its gunna be strange.

This game starts out by a psychiatrist telling her to travel to Wonderland, in her mind, where she is happy. Only thing is wonderland does not make her happy, things turn hellish. He then reminds a young boy about all of his fears also. You walk down hallways to find your fellow ward children. You eventually run into a cat. Rabbits try to eat you. You then fall into wonderland.

This is where the game engine changes, the real world has slow pace, and a first person mode. Wonderland has none the such. It has amazing hair physics.  It’s a fun game.

I beat a boss, here is an Image.

Well, I hope this informed you of how awesome the game is to play. It has atmosphere up the wazoo.

A video will come if my Camera/SD card ever works.

  1. luckyluckey says:

    This post is a grammar Nazi’s field day

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