Too Many Games 2012!

Posted: June 20, 2012 by ILikeMarbles in Cons, Too Many Games
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Glad I saw the random blurb in my trusty game informer, this was fun.

More Inside…INCLUDING PICTURES, but not videos.

Murhuh and I left on a Sunday, too see the Sunday show, that started at 10PM. We however arrived at 11PM.

The first thing that we saw was a neat Globe!

So yeah, then we reached the convention hall. Eater Adelpia Poter

Inside there were many vendors and game to play. They sold things like video games. They also sold magic stuff. Yougioh was also here. Raffles and what not. Plush toys and Hats. There was also a ATM.

I stood in line to get AVGN autograph. The other guy ignored me, which was annoying. But AVGN was cool. Even though I didn’t really say anything to him other then “How you all doing?” he said as i was walking away “Thats cool” I nodded.

Here is the Line.

I guess you want to see some of the vendor area. Waldo is in the next picture.


So naturally, since it was Sunday, we went to a Chick-fil a. They had amazing food, like usual. Here is a picture of the Burger King around the corner.

After getting back to the expo. I got more stuff, and then I saw a awesome arcade game of a game I used to play a lot, so I took a creepy picture of random people.

This is what a windows phone picture looks like with a I-phone Case

On the way home we saw people slap-fighting.

And finally, here is my loot from the day.

All in all, this was a fun day. I would travel back and go again. I could have blown a tun of money, but I held back (should have gotten that NES game though). Maybe next year….

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