Dark Void Rant / Review

Posted: July 1, 2012 by gvstreamer in Dark Void, PC

This is a review for the PC version of the game.
Review: 1/5

Capcom can go eat ….

When this game came out a couple of years ago, Capcom stated that it was the consumers fault that Dark Void wasn’t successful and that the consumer didn’t want to support these game. I say, “Up Yours! Crapcom.” I played this game till the end of episode 1. When episode 2 started, it was stuck in an infinite loading screen. I changed settings in the game and nothing. I even used someone else’s save file to skip the chapter that wouldn’t work and nothing happened. Capcom never released patches for this bug riddled (so-called) game. This game is basically a paid beta demo. I fully understand why people would not like or want to buy this garbage. Also, recently the ways Capcom is treating its customers making them buy the same game with small patches every couple of months for full price, such as Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom, as well as charging for DLC that is already on the Disk that people have already paid for is disgusting.

I found this amusing with the Servbot. Also, The link given does not work.

The game is about flying jetpacks and cover-based 3rd-person shooting. In the story of what I completed which was all of episode 1, the story was about aliens with robot suits attacking humans.

From what I played, I truly enjoyed this game, especially with the better jetpack  that I received later in the game. The guns felt good when shooting them. It was fun flying around shooting the enemy. But the game is unplayable with too much glitches and bugs. It seems both the Xbox360 and the PS3 versions of the game also had lots of problems. I also didn’t like the bloom effect in the game as lots of games have these days. This game felt like it had massive potential to be a great fun game. It has lots of stuff in the game thats interesting but too many technical issues that far outweigh the good.

Without being able to continue to play the game, I will have to watch somebody else’s walkthrough.

  1. luckyluckey says:

    I say, “Up Yours! Crapcom.”

    I LoL’d…

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