News from the desert!

Posted: July 4, 2012 by ILikeMarbles in Basic Stuff

Hey guys,
You haven’t seen me around here in a while, so I’ll give a quick update.

I’ve been in the desert. Its really hot here. Its also rather dangerous if you travel in the correct direction, war zone like at times. Luckily the place I am quartered at is overloaded with weaponry and guard dogs. I am fairly safe.

I’ve been entertained also. The main form of entertainment is eating. They have just about anything you would want, for a lesser price then at home. All of it is really good as well. Pizza, hamburgers, ribs, fried foods, chinese, mexican, and anything in-between. All superb. Oh yeah the other form of entertainment is well…just about everything else. Baseball, casino, mountain climbing, gum shooting, drinking, swimming, movies, pets, video games, concerts, and even go carts if you want. I did not participate in all of these.

I also am getting a pretty good tan. Almost a…farmers tan. I’ll post more later when I access a computer and not my phone. Pictures may appear on this post. Not sure how to work that on this phone. But yes, its fun and ill see you people soon maybe.

What I am currently doing.

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