My Halloween Planning Findings (Tips for People)

Posted: October 18, 2015 by ILikeMarbles in Halloween
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Halloween is here and there are just a few thing that I need to do.
See there will be an event and I will need to prepare.
Mainly, I gotta carve a pumpkin, make some treats…then go Treating!
Problem is….I have no idea how to do these things.
Luckily the internet is kind and I have found some solutions on youtube 😀
This day and age, don’t even need to ask anyone or buy anything other then the internet.

The helpful videos and more after the break!

Like I said the internet and youtube is a wonderful land of welcome information.

My event will go so well now and I am very happy!

I am excited!

So to you all, please follow the ways that I will follow in the upcoming time period.

We all can celebrate in the same fashion!

Carving Pumpkins!

Making Treats!

and finally the proper way to Trick or Treat

Best wishes


  1. luckyluckey says:

    So….You’re saying that your life is the internet and youtube now?

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